Helping cities to clean the air we breathe

Breathe Cities is an ambitious initiative supporting cities around the world to cut their air pollution and climate emissions.

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People cycling at Reforma street in Mexico city

11 cities in our global initiative

Breathe Cities, which began in London, supports air quality action in cities around the world.  We bring together data, communities and city decision-makers to cut urban air pollution.




Rio de Janeiro








A global clean air initiative
Breathe Cities is a first-of-its-kind partnership delivered by Clean Air Fund, C40 Cities and Bloomberg Philanthropies. The programme will exchange knowledge and scale local impact.

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Who we are

What is a “Breathe City?”
A “Breathe City” is a city where we bring data, 
local community action and decision-makers together to take immediate action to cut air pollution by 30% by 2030 and deliver clean air for everyone.

How we get there
We are at the forefront of making cities healthier places to live, where all residents breathe clean air and thrive in clean, green neighbourhoods.

This action will inspire other cities to address their local air pollution problems, with clean air catalysing health, climate and economic benefits for everyone.

What we do

We equip cities to cut their air pollution and climate emissions by 30% by 2030, galvanising action to deliver clean air worldwide. We support decision-makers, city leaders and community campaigners with the expertise of our entire network. We catalyse action on urban sustainability to implement ambitious new policies that address urban air pollution, improve public health and accelerate decarbonisation.

We expand data

We expand the availability of local air quality data through the use of innovative new technologies and research into causes of air pollution to provide local governments with evidence for implementing and enforcing new policies.

We raise awareness

We engage local communities and grassroots organisations to build public support for bold air quality action, targeting those most affected by air pollution.

We support policymaking

We provide technical assistance and capacity building to ambitious mayors and city governments to identify, develop and implement bold clean air solutions.

We connect cities

We share learnings across cities 
to scale best practices and inspire 
even more cities to act.


Why we do it

A child with brown hair and skin wearing a mask on the arm of an adult

The Problem
Air pollution is a multi-layered crisis. It harms our health, contributes to the climate crisis and damages our economies, while unfairly affecting society’s most vulnerable communities.

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Our solution
In each Breathe City, we provide support across four pillars of action to enable the successful implementation of ambitious new policies for better urban air quality.

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Why we do it

How we all benefit
The benefits of cleaner air are immense and wide-ranging. Cleaning up our air will save and improve lives, tackle climate change, build fairer societies and strengthen economies.

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